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American brewery 3 Floyds and Danish brewery Mikkeller have built WarPigs from scratch to host top authentic Texas Barbecue and American-Danish style brews to copenhagen and the world. We always have 22 fresh beers on tap, most of them home brewed, as well as a selection of bottles and spirits, and a wine list to keep everyone happy during their visit. Our BBQ is traditional Texan style: Slow-low smoked and dry rub spiced. We do sell out of meat most nights so don’t come too late if you want to make sure to taste our tender cuts.


DSCN5134_Fotor_FotorLan-xin Foo

Head brewer







Kasper Fogh 2015-3262Andrew Hroza

Head Chef

Our own master chef Andrew writes about food, beer and being an American in Copenh gen

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